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Fixing Alphabetization
This may already be a part of the rebuild of the site, but I've noticed a lot of weird alphabetization in the lists. I sort almost exclusively by artist title, and I notice it alphabetizes strictly in order of the letters, without taking into account spaces or punctuation. For example T. Rex should be at the top of the T's, but instead it comes after "Travie McCoy" because it doesn't take into account the period or space after T. There are similar examples throughout the list like The J. Geils Band or I Mother Earth.

Wesley Hampton shared this idea 29/11/16 07:49
RBDB Admin 29/11/16 09:12 flag comment
This was the way that the game sorted prior to Rivals. If you go to the in-game store and browse, you'll still see it. :/
Wesley Hampton 29/11/16 17:11 flag comment
Was it really? I started my latest spreadsheet with RB3 and I guess I never paid much attention to the order in the RB4 menu. This is a weird thing for the devs to change/overlook. I figured it was just some weird bug with the way the code sorted things on the site. In that case I'll amend this to say "Make the alphabetization match the RB menu, even if the RB menu is set up weird". If it already matches, then leave it. If they've changed it with the Rivals update then change it to match I guess.
RBDB Admin 01/12/16 13:29 flag comment
Yeah, it's already planned to get the sorting fixed after the site relaunch. I _might_ add an option to toggle between the sorting methods since the store is different from the library. Which you want will depend on what you are trying to match up with! (Default would be whatever the library is using, of course).