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Check-off capability for Auto Setlist Maker
When playing an auto setlist, it might be nice to be able to do something like click on a song you've just played and have it either deleted or crossed out to indicate that the song has been played.

Bryan Walker shared this idea 04/12/16 15:28
RBDB Admin 13/02/17 10:19 flag comment
Excellent idea... probably not that hard to implement actually... hmmmmmm
Bryan Walker 07/10/17 21:28 flag comment
Furthering this - since they've recently changed the way crew bonus play works, where it's user specific but ignores instrument, I've just been using the play counter on one instrument to keep track of my plays and potential XP - but I can't do it when using auto setlist maker. Could you put the plus/minus and counter in the ASM window?