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Cookies don't seem to be working at all for me on Chrome 55.0.2883.87 m (64-bit). Upon visiting the site, entering my user code, and selecting columns, I can see that the cookies are being written (with a Chrome extension) but upon closing Chrome and revisiting the site, all previous cookies are gone and replaced with new ones, as if I had never visited the site or if I was using incognito mode (I'm not).

Bryan Walker shared this idea 23/12/16 18:04
RBDB Admin 05/01/17 01:21 flag comment
I don't know if you can share any more info about this... I am unable to recreate the problem.
Bryan Walker 09/02/17 12:56 flag comment
I'm still having this problem. Curiously, it only happens on my desktop PC where every single time I load the site, it's as if I have no cookies and I have to enter my user code and select all my columns every single time. On my laptop the cookes are almost always retained properly. I'm using the exact same version of windows and the exact same version of Chrome on both machines though, so it's even more confounding that they behave differently. I have tried completely wiping all cookies from my machine and starting over, and the behavior continues. Can you think of a reason why cookies would either be ignored or fail to be retained?
Bryan Walker 09/02/17 12:57 flag comment
If there were an option for a server-side save of columns/flags etc that would certainly help...I wouldn't mind just having to enter my user code each time, but selecting all the columns every time is pretty cumbersome.
RBDB Admin 13/02/17 10:13 flag comment
Server-side storage of view/website options is something that was only made possible with the updated API (not in the initial API that the current site was initially built on). It is planned to be part of the new website that I am currently building.
Bryan Walker 19/02/17 12:57 flag comment
I've found that basically what seems to be happening is that all rbdb cookies are being written as session cookies, so they are indeed created, but are all wiped as soon as I close the browser. I can manually go edit them all and put expiration dates on them before I close the browser, but this only works once as they all get rewritten as session cookies again as soon as I load the site the next time, so I'd have to do this every time I closed the browser, which is no better than setting my options every time I load the site. Any idea why this would occur? I checked to make sure there wasnt some exception telling Chrome to ignore cookies from rbdb, and there isn't, though it is following that same behavior as if it were.
Bryan Walker 19/02/17 13:08 flag comment
I managed to find a workaround of sorts, I set the relevant cookies how I wanted them and marked them read-only so that the site no longer has permission to change them. I can't change them without unprotecting them first, but at least this lets me keep my desired defaults. Still mystified why this is only happening on one machine.
Bryan Walker 28/05/17 18:56 flag comment
I still don't know what the hell is causing it. After doing a fresh reinstall of Chrome on both my machines, now neither of them retain the cookies (whereas before it was just one). Shrug, I worked around it by using an extension that copy protects specified cookies, and that makes 'em stay.
JayReed 03/06/17 22:54 flag comment
Cookies don't work for me either in chrome desktop or mobile. I have to enter user code every time. I actually thought logging in every time was the intended behavior since it never worked for me.
RBDB Admin 05/06/17 11:40 flag comment
I updated to the latest version of Angular 1 ... Maybe that will help? I'm not able to reproduce the cookie issues, so I'm not sure how to help here. I'm also back to doing the complete rewrite of the website which won't use cookies -- so eventually this won't matter (doesn't help right now though). :/
RBDB Admin 06/06/17 15:03 flag comment
This doesn't fix the cookie problem, but with the latest update you can bookmark http://rbdb.online/u/{usercode} and that should log you in automatically.
Bryan Walker 07/10/17 21:30 flag comment
The new /u/ url does help, thats one more thing I dont have to do each time, but I thought I'd let you know that I switched from Chrome to the new Firefox Quantum, and I'm still having the same problem as I was in Chrome, so it doesn't appear to be browser specific. All cookies are still ignored/overwritten at the start of each session. To rub salt in the wound, I can no longer lock my cookies like I used to since that extension doesnt work in FF, so I have to reset all of my settings every visit to the site.
Bryan Walker 07/10/17 21:31 flag comment
I think you're right that I should just deal with it until the new ver. Was hoping that would be one of the new improvements.