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Add multi-track stem status as a column
Some users would like to know if the Rock Band song was built from full multi-track stems.

RBDB Admin shared this idea 30/12/16 11:18
Max Grayer 03/01/17 23:46 flag comment
What is the difference between a song that is a multi-track stem versus not? I was under the impression that all the master recordings in the game are from multi-track...
John Peterson 17/07/17 15:45 flag comment
Some newer tracks do not have them (due to unavailability), and are separated by frequency banding. While this opens up many more tracks to be added to the game, some people dislike it due to the tinny sound it creates when missing.
RBDB Admin 05/01/18 10:09 flag comment
Implemented in 3.0.0-RC1 (the next release)