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Show the amount of XP that can be earned on songs.
It would be nice to see quick reference information on the amount of XP that can be earned on each song. It could be broken down to show 1st play, 2nd play, etc. / gold stars, 5 stars, etc / FC bonus, but at least a maximum value for each song, so you can see how valuable each can potentially be in relation to others would be very useful.

bandaddy shared this idea 09/02/17 10:36
Bryan Walker 09/02/17 13:03 flag comment
Bryan Walker 09/02/17 13:03 flag comment
Would love this. Perhaps an XP icon somewhere which when hovered over would give the amount of XP for 1st Play, GS, FC, and Crimson.
RBDB Admin 13/02/17 10:22 flag comment
This is absolutely going to a part of the new Rivals features that I hope to add right after the new site launches. In other words: Step 1. launch new site with same functionality as current site. Step 2. Add Rivals tracking
Bryan Walker 25/02/17 23:50 flag comment
When you do, here's the source of all the details you need. I just used it to make a quick and dirty xp calculator on excel. http://forums.harmonixmusic.com/discussion/281179/hello-is-it-xp-youre-looking-for-upcoming-changes-to-the-xp-system-and-dealing-with-cheaters