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Delisted songs in RB4
I suggest that when listed in RB4 Database Mode, only songs which either were delisted after being made available in RB4 or which have been made re-available to previous owners should be listed on the rbdb. Songs which were delisted before RB4 was released and which have never been possible to add to RB4 should only be listed in RB3 (or earlier) database mode. This would make for much more efficient listing and setlist creation when playing RB4.

Bryan Walker shared this idea 09/02/17 12:54
RBDB Admin 13/02/17 10:08 flag comment
Just because a song was delisted before the release of RB4 doesn't mean that it isn't playable in RB4. If someone purchased one of those songs during the RB3 era, they should still be entitled to download and use them in RB4. Now, I know that there have a been a lot of (still ongoing) entitlement issues, but for the database I have to list what *should* be playable, not what *is currently* playable because (in theory at least) these entitlement issues will eventually all get ironed out.