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Advanced Searching Genre doesn't seem to work
Searching for specific genres seems to confuse the whole db. Typing the word "genre" in the search bar clears all results as expected, but then adding parameters doesn't cause results to appear (f.e. [genre|="Alternative"] or [genre|^"alt"] or [genre|^alt]. It's extra confusing when you paste in the entire search query: Try searching for [song|^"never"] and follow it up with [genre|="Alternative"] and notice that the previous results aren't cleared. On top of that refreshing the page while this query is inputted causes the page to load slower with assets missing. PS, [gender|=1] doesn't work either, despite being in the instructions.

Steven Beaujon shared this idea 02/03/17 09:34
Steven Beaujon 02/03/17 10:15 flag comment
Update: genre|="Alternative" seems to work when I'm filtering to show only my owned songs, but not when hiding my owned songs, showing my wanted songs or showing the full db etc etc.
RBDB Admin 25/04/17 14:52 flag comment
I think this is working... the gender|=# isn't, but I'll just take that out of the instructions since "male" "female" etc still work.