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XP Calculation Slightly Off?
Seems to be a bit off, at least for Brutal FC (Didnt verify others). I noticed Homecoming is listed as 1000, but it's really either 996/997 (I forget which) and Are We The Waiting/St. Jimmy says 614 when it's really 610. Possibly just a typo in a decimal or something. On the calculator I made for it, I have =(E17 * 0.889) + (E17 * 0.222) + (E17 * 0.667) Where E17 is the length of the song in seconds. Correct most of the time, sometimes I find it 1 XP off because I don't know how Harmonix treats rounding of fractions. Crimson is supposed to be .889, FC is .222, and 1st Play Bonus is .667.

Bryan Walker shared this idea 28/05/17 19:01
RBDB Admin 02/06/17 22:49 flag comment
Yup... accidentally had .899 instead of .889 in the calculation. Thanks for finding this!