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Genre repairs
Song titles and RB's in game genre which is different than RBDB: Head Over Feet - Alternative Snow Hey Oh - Alternative Hair of the Dog - Classic Rock Desperate Times, Desperate Measures - Emo All Cars songs - New Wave We Are Young - Pop Rock Gone Away - Punk Hammerhead - Punk Interstate Love Song - Alternative Seven - Punk

JayReed shared this idea 02/06/17 22:51
RBDB Admin 02/06/17 23:31 flag comment
FIXED GENRES FOR: • 2x "Alanis Morissette" • 3x "RHCP" songs • 1x "Nazareth" • 1x "Underoath" • 9x "The Cars" • 2x "fun." • 3x "The Offspring" • 1x "Stone Temple Pilots" • 1x "Tijuana Sweetheart" ...whew!
John Peterson 13/07/17 17:28 flag comment
Plenty of other songs have a genre mismatch (in RB4). Maybe there could be two columns; one for RB4 genre and one for pre-RB4 genre.