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Ability to sort out ALL songs from a certain disc, even if they are now RB4 Rewind DLC.
Currently, if you search for Sum 41, you get 3 tracks. One is from Lego Rock Band but it's now a Rewind track. I'd like to be able to turn off Lego Rock Band and have that Rewind track filtered from the list. Currently, rewind tracks will remain on a list that filters out its original source game.

JayReed shared this idea 02/06/17 22:57
RBDB Admin 02/06/17 23:09 flag comment
Hmmm... the more I think about it... the more I think you are right about the behavior. I have updated the filters, and I am also having the Beatles Disc filter hide Beatles DLC too.
JayReed 03/06/17 17:24 flag comment
Great, is there an ability to sort rewind tracks
RBDB Admin 05/06/17 12:07 flag comment
No specific ability for rewind tracks ... maybe I'll add a special search... for now you can just go to RB1, RB2, or Lego and then look at the availability column. If it's listed as available and part of one of those discs, then it's a rewind track.