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Way to deal with articles "A" and "the" when searching for Begins with text
If I want songs that begin with T, I get all songs that begin with The. However, Rock Band sorts songs and artists by ignoring articles. The Beautiful People is in B not T, for example.

JayReed shared this idea 02/06/17 23:14
RBDB Admin 05/06/17 12:04 flag comment
I agree... sort of... with the spirit behind this. I have fixed the search so that it deals with articles (a, an, the) a little better. It will look for things that start with your search -- both with and without the article. So, if you do a search for `artist|^"t"` You will get _all_ the artists that have the article "the" in front of their name in addition to all artists whose name starts with "T". If you do a search for `artist|^"g"` you will get all artists who's name starts with g including "The Guess Who" and "The Grateful Dead". I know there are probably situations where you might want things that start with a/t ignoring the articles altogether, but I think including them would be more of the expected behavior.