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A Couple of Possible Oversights
I have found that the Instrument drop down list lacks Pro Drums and that the XP calculation drop down list is labeled strangely, with Brutal Mode's crimson stars being labeled as "Gold."

Caleb Stevens shared this idea 01/07/17 11:31
RBDB Admin 01/08/17 01:54 flag comment
I changed the label to Crimson Stars. I intentionally left Pro Drums out of the mix. As I understand it, pro drums and regular drums are not scored differently or separately in Rivals mode. If someone were to play a song on drums then play the same song again on pro drums, they would get the second play bonus (not first), so for the purposes of Rivals scoring the reported score would be incorrect. Really, I shouldn't have included pro anything in the list (since it is for Rivals score calculation), but I figured that people on RB3 might want it for something so I threw those in there.