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Album info for songs that lack it in-game
Considering album data was added for Train Kept A-Rollin', I think it's only fair that give album data for all the other cover songs in the game. Also perhaps give them to songs that aren't covers but lack it, suck as Kung-Fu Fighting or Glass House.

John Peterson shared this idea 17/07/17 16:39
RBDB Admin 01/08/17 01:14 flag comment
I have thought about this, and I decided on doing it the way it is. Where the version used in-game is not available, I still tried to link to some version online in the music services. So, if you want to listen to that song (or maybe see where it came from) you can click on one of the available music service links. As far as data goes, it _isn't_ the song from that album, and I think the database should reflect that. Not just with the covers, but there are some tracks that were re-recorded specifically for Rock Band ... that should be reflected in the data in my opinion.
John Peterson 01/08/17 11:34 flag comment
Fair enough. Why does Train Kept a Rollin say it's from Get Your Wings then, though?