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Fill blanks in DISC/PACK column
You have a column called "DISC/PACK", but in many rows it is blank. Adding some indication that the track is DLC (or from RBN or from whatever source) would be nice instead of just leaving it blank. (I assume everything that is blank is only available as DLC, but maybe that's not a valid assumption.)

Mark Finn shared this idea 17/08/17 10:53
RBDB Admin 23/08/17 22:45 flag comment
I originally had "DLC" listed as a source. It was that way for a long time, actually. Really, this only created clutter and made it harder to spot the songs that were actually part of a pack or disc. Basically, if that column is blank, then it doesn't belong to anything... no pack, no disc, nothing. So "nothing" in the "DISC/PACK" column seems exactly right as there is no disc or pack. It's just DLC. I mean, it's not like I'm listing all kinds of music here--these are all songs that are in Rock Band... pretty safe to assume that it's going to be DLC because, well, what else could it be? RBN songs aren't in the database _at all_ ... I hope to get those in eventually, but it's super low priority (it would essentially double the size of the current database which is already having performance issues in the browser). RBN tracks when/if I ever manage to get them added would be labeled as such in the DISC/PACK column as that is a pretty important piece of info to have (I suppose there are like 2 songs in the entire database that originated from RBN, but since I haven't delved into getting RBN in general worked into things, I haven't bothered flagging those as such -- keep in mind that RBN tracks carry a whole other set of metadata that has to be tracked, so it's not just a matter of adding the songs... I will have to modify the database itself to be able to add the new types of data).