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Missing songs
Can't find the following songs when I search: Paramore: Ain't it Fun Ome Republic: Counting Stars Mumford and Sons: I Will Wait Nirvana: Smells Like Teen Spirit Tracy Bonham: Mother Mother

John White shared this idea 14/09/17 00:56
RBDB Admin 29/09/17 10:04 flag comment
All of those songs are and have been in the database. Having said that, I did find some quirks in my availability columns that needed to be fix which affected "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (but not the rest). Please make sure that the Game/Database mode and/or the filter aren't filtering out the tracks you are trying to search for: "Ain't it Fun", "Counting Stars", "I Will Wait", and "Mother Mother" are all RB4 & RBVR only tracks... so if the database mode is set to Rock Band 3, for instance, then those won't show up.