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"Availability" column not displaying
I can't get the "Availability" column to display at all for some months now. Things I've tried: - using different browsers (Firefox, Chrome and Brave) - using private browsing mode - switching the column off then on in the "Columns" menu - swittching ALL columns on in the "Columns" menu Please fix/re-enable this feature if possible, it really helps to determin whether a song is available separately or only as part of a pack. Thanks!

sny sny shared this idea 03/10/17 08:35
RBDB Admin 24/11/17 10:50 flag comment
Initially, the database was, itself, RB4-centric, but I've been trying to make it work better for all Rock Band games, thus I hid the field in "everything" mode as availability is game-specific. Switch to specific game mode and you'll see it.