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V3: More songs per page options
I have over 2,200 songs and the number of songs I have in a challenge week can be more than 500. Would like options for at least 750 and 1,000 so that I can see all challenge songs at once without going back and forth.

Bryan Walker shared this idea 25/11/17 20:20
Bryan Walker 25/11/17 20:28 flag comment
It is taking 10-20 seconds to go back and forth between pages to check off songs. The new design is much faster when scrolling on the same page, but it's speed is defeated when you have to go back and forth, so it would be nice if I could front load everything at once and just scroll without having to constantly load back and forth.
RBDB Admin 29/11/17 09:14 flag comment
Alright ... your funeral! ;)
RBDB Admin 29/11/17 09:15 flag comment
BTW, speed has been a _constant_ struggle for me. I _really_ wanted to do away with paging altogether, but anything more than about 500 was crashing the browser on my desktop... so be careful! I'll keep working on it, though!
RBDB Admin 29/11/17 09:17 flag comment
Another idea... I know this seems counter-intuitive, but if you bring your page count _down_ (I actually find 25 to be more comfortable in real-world use most of the time), then switching between pages becomes much faster and the whole thing overall feels better. Worth trying perhaps.