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V3: Full page view
The new split screen view is very slick and useful, however a majority of the time I'm using the site, I'm keeping track of what I've played in the challenge, and I would prefer if I could choose to layout the screen with just the screen full of songs, rather than songs on the left and details on the right. Perhaps with this mode, there could be a compact popup with details or something.

Bryan Walker shared this idea 25/11/17 20:22
RBDB Admin 29/11/17 09:12 flag comment
Sorting by XP is _slooooooow_ ... I think I've already decided that at some point I need to have a dedicated "I'm playing the Rivals challenge right now" mode that just focuses on XP and songs without the entire overhead of the entire database. So ... I think I'm on the same page with you.
Bryan Walker 30/11/17 13:58 flag comment
Yes! That mode would be ideal. Please at least keep the old site running until that mode is implemented!
RBDB Admin 07/02/18 08:51 flag comment
Table view now available in V3