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V3: Rivals Max XP Tooltips
I like how you can choose what max XP to show by default for each instrument and difficulty, however it is very cumbersome to view other options if you do better or worse than expected. Could there be a click-to-show tooltip that would reveal XP for other star/results?

Bryan Walker shared this idea 25/11/17 20:31
RBDB Admin 29/11/17 09:10 flag comment
Totally open to discussion about this... let me start... So the idea about the XP is that it's the score that you are _likely_ to get if you play the song (based on your settings per instrument/difficulty). Once the song is played, though, having it match up isn't really that useful, IMO; you increment the play count, and move on to the next song. Is there a use case where you _need_ to match up the score you just got with the one it predicted? (If you want to see potential scores, then you have the score charts to look at -- although, admittedly this takes more effort to get to.) Perhaps the better solution (which I will probably get to at some point) is to set XP calculation per song, per instrument (rather than per difficulty level, per instrument).
Bryan Walker 30/11/17 14:03 flag comment
What I most often use it for is when I finish a song, occasionally the game just won't tell me the XP (or if I'm in multiplayer it gives me the XP of some previous song) and I like to use rbdb to look up the XP that I gained from that song before I move on to the next one. On V2, if I for example expected FC but got GS instead, I just clicked the dropdown and changed it. The process to do the same on V3 just takes a lot longer, so a tooltip with a chart would be a nice shortcut. [Full background: I use an Excel spreadsheet that I made to enter each XP score that keeps a running total of my average, and proximity to other teams in the leaderboard, so that's why I want the XP from each song as I play it, and the game doesn't always give me what I want, especially in multiplayer]
RBDB Admin 07/02/18 08:51 flag comment
The new Rivals Gadget should be what you're looking for! :D