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Have a "How to do" on your page
I must plea ignorance on this one. I have RB4 rivals on XB1 and play with kids. I see your site alot and list is tremendous. Problem is I have no idea how to play or download any of these. m not sure if I can load these songs onto the XB1 console, or somehow hook up with the website and play through you or both. Obviously a noob here but had RB for years and love it. If Im missing something feel free to smack me around but I would love to use your service, just dont know how.

bret obrien shared this idea 09/12/17 13:56
RBDB Admin 05/01/18 10:13 flag comment
The site doesn't connect to Rock Band at all. I wish it did/could, but it's just an unofficial website / database that some dude on the interwebs (me, not affiliated with Harmonix) made that is now the quasi-official offline song list. You _can_ find links to the actual DLC content in the database to just go purchase on the Xbox store, but that's not really "loading" anything from my site.